Restorative Fillings

Sometimes even the best preventive care doesn't stop dental problems from arising. Cavities can be a fact of life, especially since genetics can contribute to oral health. Hugo Dental Care is committed to providing the best restorative dental services for children, teens, and adults.

Hugo Dental Care offers restorative services to fill cavities of any size.


Resin Fillings


Porcelain Crowns

Contact us to set up an appointment to get your cavities filled. We will make you comfortable, and get you through the restoration process with relative ease. The VIP Care Plan includes a discount on restoration services.

Restorative Implants

When teeth have been irreparably damaged and need to be extracted, dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Today's custom-made tooth implants make it possible to successfully restore a smile using state-of-the-art dental technologies.

Implants are securely embedded into the jaw; they look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Depending on the circumstances, implants can replace one tooth or multiple teeth.

Implants Implant Bridge

Hugo Dental Care has long-term relationships with several Minneapolis and St. Paul oral surgeons; we work closely with them on every implant case. Our dental team places the final crowns and/or bridges after oral surgeons have placed the implants.

Call Hugo Dental Care to learn more about restorative implants and how they can improve your smile! The VIP Care Plan includes a discount on implants.

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